10 on 10 :: April 2011 :: Diptych

I am participating in the 10 on 10 challenge again this month - one photo per hour for ten hours to document my day.  I was so excited that the 10th finally fell on a weekend day, but a little sad I did not have more planned for my day... it seems my life is all or nothing.  Last weekend was birthday brunches and shopping and next weekend will be spent with the girls too.  So, you get to see what the typical lazy Sunday looks like for a single 30 something .. enjoy!


9 ::  Made my favorite oatmeal pancakes (recipe here) with a little bit of bacon on the side.  This is my favorite weekend meal because it will last me the whole day.  The pancakes are so filling, and actually healthy (minus the syrup!)


10 :: Brewing...  I typically brew tea fresh every morning, but thought maybe I could be a little more efficient with things and brew a batch in advance (picked up the glass bottle at IKEA yesterday).  This should last me three or four days.  Yeah!


11 :: Logging a little computer time while the kitties enjoy the 80 degree temps with the windows open.  P. S. Aren't kitty yawns the best??  


12 :: Finally picked up the floating shelf I had wanted for my desk area last weekend and decided to break out the tools and install it this weekend.  Now I have my little shrine to KU all in one place!  Rock Chalk!


1 :: I still love cards and care packages in the mail... online stuff just isn't the same.  I spent a little time writing notes to family and packing goodies.  (Mom, be on the look out!)


2 :: I know I said it before, but it was 80 degrees today - a good 30 degrees higher than usual for our Spring.  I wandered out to get a little sun, exercise and snap a pic or two.  I love seeing all the buds on the trees!!  Oh and found this adorable note on the sidewalk ... 


3 :: Still walking around the neighborhood finding all sorts of Spring flowers.  It sure takes me longer to walk when I have my camera.  : )


4 :: Took a little time to rejuve - hydrate, stretch and have a little snack.  These are pretzel grahams from Salted Caramel - thanks Selika and Alex !!


5 :: Time to finish laundry and clean this place up.... Do you find that by mid-day on Sunday your house is a mess?  I always end up cleaning on Sunday afternoons.  How does one woman generate so much laundry and clutter in a week?


6 :: Pizza for dinner on the balcony while watching the sun set.  I love that I get the afternoon sun, it fills my home with the most beautiful amber light.  It's my favorite time of day.

Well that's it for a lazy Sunday.  Here's hoping yours was as relaxing as mine!