loosing a few


...inches for the summer!

What is it about women and hair? Why does it hold such a prominent position in defining who we are?

I find that when my hair is long it seems like a big deal to cut it. I go back an forth, should I or shouldn't i ... and I cannot figure out why it's such a struggle. It's just hair. It will grow back. And I totally trust my hair guy, so it's not like he's going to give me a pixie by accident...

I have been on the fence for the last couple of months about weather to keep my hair long or short. Last year I did a little test to see how long it would get over the course of the year and six inches later... the long locks were back in business. Lately people have been telling me "oh your hair is getting so long" and I think that was drawing some attention to it for me. That and the fact that I had it up in a ponytail every day for the whole week. That was my breaking point the last time I cut it short and so when I saw that pattern coming back, I decided to hit the salon again! Short and sassy is back baby!