The King's Speech


Finally watched The King's Speech over the weekend. It's not my typical movie genre, but I did enjoy the performances of Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush - really incredible! Colin Firth with that stammer was so hard to watch - I cannot imagine how that might mess with your brain, playing a role like that.

Why do speech impediments make us so uncomfortable? For me I think it's just hard to watch the struggle to get the word out - you know it's in there, but why won't it come out? I met a guy at a meeting once who managed his stammer beautifully. It was hardly noticeable, but every now and then you would see a hesitation and then he would change the word. I was kind of amazed at how well he was able to calmly and quickly pause and swap words - it's like having a thesaurus look up on call at all times. Brilliant really.