things on tuesday

Ahh it's Tuesday again...


  • Seeing a client get really excited about what you've done for them.  
  • Feedly for iPad - out today - this one app may change my mind about the iPad...
  • More like lust - but the new iMac is out today and oh how I want one!  
  • Live music!
  • Dinning with the girls
  • ebay - you can find literally anything on there


  • Health insurance - these companies are about making money and not about the consumer/patient and it's a damn shame!  If we ran our business like these guys do, we would not have one... how do they keep this BS going?  
  • Neck and shoulder pain has returned - boo
  • 42 degrees on May 2nd ... really?  This is Spring?
  • Country music - I literally just had to mute the TV just now, cannot even handle one minute!!
  • That Phoebe meows at the front door - why does she do this?  What does she see? What does she want?  Cats are weird!
  • Now that all of my photos are digital I don't print anything .. I need to print them or make books or something!!!