the weekend


Oh how I love three day weekends!!  I had actually planned on doing some more outdoor things, but we had crap weather.  Rain.  Thunder.  Lightening.  Flooding.  Two days of doom and gloom does not make for a fun start to the summer.  

So what do you do when it's raining outside?  

Sleep in.  

See a movie!  We saw Bridesmaids and laughed hysterically.  Even the previews were fabulous.  

Bake - s'mores bites - and oh are they good and sooo buttery.  Positively sinful I say.  

BBQ with friends - just as the rain decided to let up!

Photos for Selika's fashion blog - posted here.  She loves some high heels!! 

Then there's today - 94 degrees, sunny and soooo humid.  Oh how I love Midwestern weather... 

I was supposed to go to the zoo with friends, but needed to get my bike purchased (to get the sale price!).  I bought that beautiful Electra Townie, in vanilla, put a rack on her and took her out for the maiden voyage.  Did a three mile loop along the lakefront and quickly figured out that is not the best place to ride as there are too many obstacles.   People just doddling along, skateboards, strollers and etc. just parked in the path.  Saying "on your left" did me absolutely no good either.  So I guess I'll be sticking to the roads from now on.  

I need one more thing for the bike - some sort of bag - am thinking I'll go with the Po Campo Armitage Satchel - how freakin' cute is it?  I love that it just straps to the bike rack and then looks like a regular bag you can just tote along with you.  The only problem I have is that I want this one AND the one that goes on the front of the bike - the Streeterville Clutch ... ugh, so much awesome bike bling!  



I love these long weekends, but somehow they are never long enough.  I never get everything done that I want to... I'm hoping this week won't be a hot mess like last week.  Fingers crossed!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!