10 on 10 :: June 2011

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Yep, it's that time again.  Time for ten photos in ten consecutive hours on the tenth of the month!  And hooray for not having to work today!!  I am traveling back to my hometown in Kansas for my twenty year high school reunion (yikes!).  I did manage to get the photos done all via iPhone (camera + app) - sorry for the late post ladies.  I look forward to seeing all of your days! 


10 AM leaving a cool, very foggy Chicago


11 AM waiting for my plane


NOON some in-flight entertainment and refreshments


1 PM arrival at Kansas City International Airport and ran across this cute little Hertz guy on the way to pick up my rental car


2 PM a swing over to Habitat to do some shoe shopping - picked up some Bensimon sneaks and these crazy string tie Sseko sandals that are so comfortable, so cute and for a great cause all in one!  Was thinking about the beige heals, but ended up not taking them.  


3 PM hit up Dean and Deluca for a late lunch  -  these parmesean fries were HELLA good


4 PM picking up some last minute groceries for Mom - Aren't these Shatto Milk bottles the cutest you've ever seen?  


5 PM driving into the sticks - not really - but I have to go thru some rural areas to get to the P's house


6 PM hanging with mom and grandma for a few before heading to the meet-n-greet. This photo makes me so sad, seeing my grandmother like this is pretty depressing. My mother is doing an amazing job taking care of her - but she's got to be in a pretty low place.  She just turned 92 and the room is filled with cards, flowers and baloons from her friends - hopefully that helps to keep her spirit strong!


7 PM off to see my old classmates - so excited my BF teeny weeny tiny E made the trip in from Amsterdam and brought her adorable sister, Robbie - love these two girlies.  It was a great night - literally closed the bar down!  More posts about the reunion coming ...