things on tuesday :: grumpy

Oh Tuesday.  The past week has been crazy!


  • Finding some fun new clothes for Summer

  • Rosemary flatbread from the Chesterton market

  • Having a client that is actually excited about signage!  And pays the best compliments too!  It's been such a rare thing these days, a good number of my recent clients have been less than thankful for what I (we) do, so this excitement and positive feedback is so wonderful.

  • My high school reunion is this coming weekend and I will get to spend time with some wonderful friends.

  • And since I'll be back in LV, I get to see the fam too!

  • A good spray tan!  Girl needs some color!


  • That a new renter moved in above me and he's a "stomperton."  It's been a full week of listening to furniture scooting around, every footstep from end to end of the condo and so on.  Tonight I finally broke and went upstairs to introduce myself and let him know how badly even the smallest sound travels. (hate having to do this!)  He was less than receptive.  I think I'm in for a pretty miserable year.  Not at all happy about this... 

  • Shopping for swimsuits - oh so frustrating - I did manage to find a couple

  • That I purchased a custom fit pillow from the naprapath and I am waking up with pain again - I think I will be returning it.  

  • Trying to figure out what to wear to my reunion 

  • Apple announced the iCloud, that will replace MobileMe (this year), will be free and I had just renewed my membership to MobileMe!  Hello!!  Let's just throw money away!  I've requested a refund and hope they will oblige.

  • That I never seem to get anything accomplished.  I have all these lists of things to do and all they seem to do is grow.  

  • I do not really understand Twitter.  I'm on there.  I tweet random junk.  And then have strangers tweet me links that are bogus and random people follow me - like preachers from rural Oregon.  Huh? I just don't get it.

OK, that is more loathes than loves and sadly I could go on and on, but I won't.  I will stop here and hope for a fabulous reunion weekend.  Be well.