reunion :: take one


Gosh, I am not even sure where to begin!! We kicked off the reunion with a laid back meet n greet at the local bar. And it was a revolving door of so many of my favorite people! Just when you get over the excitement of seeing one person, another walks in and I'm all giddy again. There are a handful of my friends that still live in the KC area, but a good number of us have moved away. So to have people come in from New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Springfield, San Diego, Maryland, Amsterdam and beyond is fan-freakin-tastic! I saw all of my best girls and guys from the good 'ol days and it was almost like no time had passed. We settle right back into the ways of old. The amount of love in the room was outstanding! I am so lucky to have such strong bonds with my high school friends and it actually makes me a little sad that we don't all live on the same block so that the party can continue.