jake ryan


Do you have a "Jake Ryan?" Didn't every teenage girl of the 80's have a Jake Ryan? Did you ever 'get' your Jake Ryan? * wink *

Google him and you will see that most think a Jake Ryan doesn't exist. He's too perfect. He would never leave his hot cheerleader girlfriend for the awkward sophomore. I disagree. I think there are many Jake Ryan's out there. And I think he takes on a different form for every girl. I had a Jake Ryan. He was popular, super cute, from a wealthy and well respected family, athletic and slightly intimidating. He ran in the same circles as me, but always had a super cute girlfriend and often dated long term (at least he was a good guy, not some girl surfer - know what I mean?) so, no, I never got my Jake Ryan, and that's OK. I think most girls never got their Jake Ryan. But I almost think it's part of the high school experience. That's why John Hughes made a movie about it. That guy knew teenagers! And that's why we don't see what happens to Samantha and Jake at the end of the movie...

Though I never got my Jake Ryan, I am friends with him. He is still a fabulous guy and I have to admit there is still a teeny tiny little thing that happens in my head when I'm around him. Why is it that those high school feelings and memories are so strong?