things on tuesday :: movin' n shakin'

I cannot believe it's Tuesday already.  Something tells me this summer is going to FLY by and that makes me a little sad, but it also means there's lots of fun to be had!  So without further adieu ... things on tuesday. 


  • that my reunion was successful (minus the broken table) and that everyone had a great time
  • getting to see so many of my old friends and the feeling I get when I'm around them - lots of warm fuzzys
  • new air handler is in and should be much more efficient than the 30+ year old one 
  • that people feel they can tell me anything
  • working from home today, with the windows wide open and enjoying the absolutely perfect day
  • basking in reunion glow - let's hope the good mood continues!
  • first Ravinia show this Friday - B52's & Go Go's !! 
  • action packed weekend ahead

  • divorce - so sad to see so many of my friends love did not last
  • that I keep (well the cats) finding little flying bugs in the house and I cannot figure out where they are coming from
  • making poor choices
  • that I am totally forgetful - left my spare battery and charger at the reunion venue
  • crack in the lens of my point & shoot - will probably have to buy a new one - boo!
Off to bed!   This girl needs to get her beauty sleep!!