I Leica


Is it just me, or do you also find that your hobbies just suck all of your extra income? When I got into photography, I thought I could just go take pictures, that's free now that everything is digital. Well, I did that, but as I got more into it I realized that better equipment would allow me to do more with the craft. I've been shooting with the Canon 40D for about two years and have been very happy with it, but lust for a full frame sensor so that I can do better with less light. So I've been stashing a few bucks aside for an upgrade.

That is until my point & shoot (Canon s90) got a crack in the lens. I have no idea how it happened - I've never dropped it and keep it in a case, I just don't know. But it's dead center on the lens, and while I seem to be able to compensate for the problem spot if I had it off to someone else for a photo forget it. Sadly it's only a little over a year old - just out of warrantee of course!  So rather than getting that full frame DSLR, I had to shift my focus to a new p&s.

I landed on the Leica D-LUX 5. It's some serious fire power in a designer package. It might just be the perfect camera for me! Since I only shoot RAW format and post process via Lightroom and Photoshop, I needed something that would give me as close to DSLR results as possible. In reading up, the Leica digital family seems like it's the perfect fit. It arrived just in time for the holiday weekend, so I've been out shooting like mad.

Snapped a few self portraits - very happy with the results! Went and walked around Architectural Artifacts, 8000 square feet of architectural salvage. Holy shit is that place amazing! Some seriously old and really amazing stuff. It was a dream to wander and photograph - even while sweating (90+ inside the warehouse!). Way more photos to post from this place, but I'll give you a little teaser - loads of old sign parts and letters, mannequins and medical equipment that makes you go 'hmmmm.'