crap day


What a super crap day!

Work was meh.

Tried to (re) join the gym where up until October 2010 I had been a member for 15 years and they were not willing to reinstate my previous rate and wanted me to pay full price as a new member. So much for loyalty - guess I will have to go to the other gym.

Then decided to make a quick trip to Target, where upon pulling out of my parking space got nailed by some idiot in a YELLOW SUV!! I was clearly out of my parking space when she pulled out of hers and she nailed me. Sadly major damage to my car and nothing but a scratch to hers... go figure! And since it happened on private property and we were both 'moving' the officer rules it no fault so I will be out a cool five hundred bones. Joy!

On the up side... the DMB Caravan line up was announced and I FINALLY got into Google+