things on tuesday :: san francisco

OK, so I know it's Wednesday, but.... I got home late last night and had no time to type up my "things." 


  • rolling thunder in the distance
  • photographing a new city
  • this cupcake from Cako bakery in San Francisco
  • fun new frames app for iphone 
  • Starbucks black iced tea
  • Southwest airlines - on a 4 hr flight they came thru three times for drinks and twice with snacks at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!
  • that I have my own car back!!

  • that Phoebe attacks Lucy for no good reason
  • sketchy rental car places
  • that the zipcar didn't work out in SF
  • power outages - three storms, three outages
  • that I am at the office till 8 PM and still have to work once I get home
  • curve balls on a project
  • that cannot seem to get exercise into my daily routine
Another big storm is on it's way in - can hear the thunder in the distance and starting to see the lightening, so it's time to close up shop for the night.  Pray that I will not have yet another power outage!!  Night all!