things on tuesday :: dutch chocolate

Yeah ... so what is it about dutch process cocoa that makes every recipe need more wet ingredients?  Can anyone tell me??

  • Fall is on it's way
  • finding a few good Fall wardrobe staples
  • dark chocolate peppermint bark gelato from Linz & Vail
  • 46 days to Ohau!
  • awesome musicians at Evanston Space
  • that my 1password isn't working correctly
  • that I don't have a single friend in Chicago that will just go anywhere and do anything .. 
  • making a new cookie recipe and it's only so so
  • workplace crap
  • that I'm not excited to get netflix anymore ... hard to get new releases and movies are just not that great these days

things on tuesday :: pilates

Yes, Pilates is my newest passion!  I am alternating Pilates with cardio at the gym and feelin' so much better!  

  • that the Pilates DVD I bought is amazing!
  • finding these amazing little Moravian Cookies at the Fresh Market
  • fun new adventures in the city - dîner en blanc
  • catching up
  • my hair after a day at the salon - it always looks and feels so great
  • that raising my monitor at work seems to have helped some of my neck/shoulder pain - it's the little things I tell you.
  • finding the perfect bag... that's not so perfect
  • when people don't listen to what I have to say
  • Lucy's hairballs - damn long hair cats!
  • that the new gym locker room is as messy as my high school gym locker room - people are pigs!
  • that I never seem to get enough sleep
  • my new glasses are not super cute ... but they do work!
  • that summer is almost over

things on tuesday :: san francisco

OK, so I know it's Wednesday, but.... I got home late last night and had no time to type up my "things." 


  • rolling thunder in the distance
  • photographing a new city
  • this cupcake from Cako bakery in San Francisco
  • fun new frames app for iphone 
  • Starbucks black iced tea
  • Southwest airlines - on a 4 hr flight they came thru three times for drinks and twice with snacks at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!
  • that I have my own car back!!

  • that Phoebe attacks Lucy for no good reason
  • sketchy rental car places
  • that the zipcar didn't work out in SF
  • power outages - three storms, three outages
  • that I am at the office till 8 PM and still have to work once I get home
  • curve balls on a project
  • that cannot seem to get exercise into my daily routine
Another big storm is on it's way in - can hear the thunder in the distance and starting to see the lightening, so it's time to close up shop for the night.  Pray that I will not have yet another power outage!!  Night all!

things on tuesday :: money!

hemorrhaging money and not happy about it... let's start with the bad stuff, the list is going to be long ... 


  • that fixing one thing always leads to fixing something else
  • my AC blowing out when it's HOT outside
  • that I have no way to find out if the AC unit the sales guy is selling me is good
  • loosing power - again 
  • getting in a fender bender in the Target parking lot (that was not my fault) and having over $3K worth of damage to my car
  • the shop where I am supposed to have my car fixed still has no power
  • considering returning the camera I just got
  • opportunities not taken
  • that I can be quite judgmental
  • upcoming work travel
  • being known as a little bit bitchy
  • all of the above causing more neck/shoulder tension
  • that I haven't ridden my bike in two weeks
  • that I didn't get to see all the bands I wanted to see at the dmb caravan
  • netflix is raising their fees and now I have to consider dropping them 
  • that phoebe just sits and meows at the front door - why?  why?

  • booked my fall vacation - back to Hawaii - who can resist a free trip?
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • that I have actually been spending some of my summer outside !!
  • a wonderful love story of a photographer/blogger I've followed for some time
  • that it's cooled off just a bit tonight 
OK... negative nelly is in full force this week.  Hopefully next week will bring the love!

things on tuesday :: funny monkey

Seems so wrong that it's Tuesday already, but what a great holiday weekend we had here in Chicago!  So let's see ... 

  • getting to the beach (even if my 55 spf prevented me from getting any color)
  • getting shit done
  • sweet treats
  • this funny monkey
  • my new photo toy - leica d-lux 5
  • scoring a subscription to Dwell for $2 via (woot!)
  • Dave Matthews Band Caravan this weekend and the free sampler of music to pump us up!
  • headaches
  • glasses
  • death
  • google and their lack of planning when rolling out a product
  • that my new air conditioner doesn't seem all that cold... 
  • that my upstairs neighbor just doesn't get it.  Simply put, I should NOT hear you, your TV, chairs or etc.
  • folding laundry
OK then ... let's get on with this week! 

things on tuesday :: blah

So it's Tuesday and I'm just feeling a little blah ... just been in a bit of a fog this evening, not sure why. 

  • still getting rave reviews from a client and the design firm we're working with - fingers crossed!
  • booked a trip to San Francisco for work and going making a weekend of it - now... where to photograph ??
  • Maroon 5 this Friday!
  • Javier Colon's version of Time after Time
  • riding my bike downtown to wander around an art show and then back via the lake on a perfect day 
  • that I am finally putting together that photobook I bought on Groupon 
  • I've actually been able to check some things off the teuxduex list! 
  • that one of my coworkers is leaving and we have to find a new designer - was quite unexpected and to say that I am disappointed would be a gross understatement.  
  • the 4 1/2" long scratch on my right thigh from Phoebe - something spooked her - they don't even make band aids that big!
  • insecurities 
  • grocery shopping while hungry - never good.  never.
  • that I cannot figure out a fall vacation destination or dates .. and this girl needs a vaca!
  • that we always get fabulous weather in the middle of the work week - come on mother nature, work with us here!
  • starting back up at the gym and pulling something in my side ... 
Bonne nuit!

things on tuesday :: stormy

Super stormy night here in e-town ... had the strangest thing just happen.  Only lost power in one part of the condo - kitchen is half out, bathroom is at low power, but the rest of the house is fully powered up.   Can anyone explain how this is possible?  I flipped the breakers thinking maybe it knocked those out, but no change ... hearing police sirens outside now.  Plenty of excitement for a Tuesday night huh?


  • getting a superb adjustment from the naprapath - she actually got my upper back to crack, can't remember the last time that happened
  • spray tan - thank goodness someone invented the Instabronze machine for pale people like me
  • getting out on the townie - so much more fun than walking along the lakefront path
  • clinique moisture surge and the new tinted version
  • kicking off the Ravinia season 
  • my new slogan " two cats and a camera "   *lol*
  • that my life is pretty darn good, sure there are always negatives (see below!) but overall, I have been blessed with incredible opportunities and friendships 

  • knowing the right thing to do and not doing it
  • when products I like get discontinued 
  • having to put in extra hours at work - too much to do and too little time to do it
  • my summer and fall are going to be chopped up by work travel - so much for that vacation
  • that I am always looking for something better 
  • my loud ass upstairs neighbor - do NOT like him or his girlfriend with the high heels!
  • that I find too many fun things on blogs & Pinterest 
  • providing IT support to every single person I come in contact with ... don't get me wrong, I like to be helpful and always offer assistance, but some people are just beyond helping.  They just don't get it.  It's painful.
So many negatives - I really try to be a positive person, but those negative thoughts just trickle in ... 

things on tuesday :: movin' n shakin'

I cannot believe it's Tuesday already.  Something tells me this summer is going to FLY by and that makes me a little sad, but it also means there's lots of fun to be had!  So without further adieu ... things on tuesday. 


  • that my reunion was successful (minus the broken table) and that everyone had a great time
  • getting to see so many of my old friends and the feeling I get when I'm around them - lots of warm fuzzys
  • new air handler is in and should be much more efficient than the 30+ year old one 
  • that people feel they can tell me anything
  • working from home today, with the windows wide open and enjoying the absolutely perfect day
  • basking in reunion glow - let's hope the good mood continues!
  • first Ravinia show this Friday - B52's & Go Go's !! 
  • action packed weekend ahead

  • divorce - so sad to see so many of my friends love did not last
  • that I keep (well the cats) finding little flying bugs in the house and I cannot figure out where they are coming from
  • making poor choices
  • that I am totally forgetful - left my spare battery and charger at the reunion venue
  • crack in the lens of my point & shoot - will probably have to buy a new one - boo!
Off to bed!   This girl needs to get her beauty sleep!! 

things on tuesday :: grumpy

Oh Tuesday.  The past week has been crazy!


  • Finding some fun new clothes for Summer

  • Rosemary flatbread from the Chesterton market

  • Having a client that is actually excited about signage!  And pays the best compliments too!  It's been such a rare thing these days, a good number of my recent clients have been less than thankful for what I (we) do, so this excitement and positive feedback is so wonderful.

  • My high school reunion is this coming weekend and I will get to spend time with some wonderful friends.

  • And since I'll be back in LV, I get to see the fam too!

  • A good spray tan!  Girl needs some color!


  • That a new renter moved in above me and he's a "stomperton."  It's been a full week of listening to furniture scooting around, every footstep from end to end of the condo and so on.  Tonight I finally broke and went upstairs to introduce myself and let him know how badly even the smallest sound travels. (hate having to do this!)  He was less than receptive.  I think I'm in for a pretty miserable year.  Not at all happy about this... 

  • Shopping for swimsuits - oh so frustrating - I did manage to find a couple

  • That I purchased a custom fit pillow from the naprapath and I am waking up with pain again - I think I will be returning it.  

  • Trying to figure out what to wear to my reunion 

  • Apple announced the iCloud, that will replace MobileMe (this year), will be free and I had just renewed my membership to MobileMe!  Hello!!  Let's just throw money away!  I've requested a refund and hope they will oblige.

  • That I never seem to get anything accomplished.  I have all these lists of things to do and all they seem to do is grow.  

  • I do not really understand Twitter.  I'm on there.  I tweet random junk.  And then have strangers tweet me links that are bogus and random people follow me - like preachers from rural Oregon.  Huh? I just don't get it.

OK, that is more loathes than loves and sadly I could go on and on, but I won't.  I will stop here and hope for a fabulous reunion weekend.  Be well. 

things on tuesday :: mobile

A crazy week and it's only Tuesday. 


• Funny questions from unexpected people.

• Getting new technology - I'm such a geek!

• How easy it is to transfer your life from one Mac to another. Oh I am so happy those PC days are behind me.

• Alternative medicine. It just works.


• Working too much

• Roller coaster weather. Up. Down. Up. Down. Can we pick a direction and move gradually toward it?

• That I'm craving a Europe adventure, but have to buy an air handler for the condo instead. *frown*

• Dieting.

OK. Time for bed kids. Night!