missoni for target - wow!

I would not describe myself as obsessed by fashion, but... every once in a while I find something that really peaks my interest. With my recent obsession with chevron prints, the new Missoni line for Target certainly got my attention. It had a fair amount of press, but having never really paid much attention to the limited release lines at Target, I had no idea what kind of demand there is for these items. I woke up around 6:30 this morning and surfed the Target site on my phone and knowing that I couldn't really purchase till 7am, I didn't really do much else till then. Well the Target site crashed in epic fashion!


I thought oh boy, this isn't going to be good. I got myself ready while checking the site every now and then, to no avail. I decided to pop into my local store before work to see what I could pick up there. I arrived about 8:25 to find most of the shelves with one or two lonely items left and check out lines backed up with carts overflowing with colorful chevron patterned goodies. Boo. I had hoped to pick up a few of these fun things ....


Any of these would have been great - most specifically that throw!! Seems that was the hottest of the hot items and some stores didn't even get any in stock. The Target employees said they would likely restock, but later in the day they seem to have changed their tune. Clearly Target underestimated the demand on this product in a huge way!


Back in the office I kept trying to get online and sadly ended up looking at the little Target dog most of the day. Once I finally was able to sign on - everything I wanted was sold out. No stores show availability either. So I wonder if they really will get more product on the shelves or online in the next month or if folks will have to purchase what they wanted from ebay. Currently there are over 16,000 items listed on ebay from the Missoni for Target collection. This is the most disgusting thing to me!! No matter how bad I want that throw, I will NOT pay four times the price because someone went in the store and hoarded product to put on ebay. I wish there was a way to figure out how to stop people from doing this ... like concert and sport tickets too!


The good news... I was able to pick up a few items and will keep checking with my local stores to see if anyone returns one of those throws! The three ladies in front of me in line purchased over $700 worth of merchandise EACH! Does anyone need that much chevron?? Um... no. I am hoping there are enough of these types that will have some buyers remorse and return some of the stuff I wanted. And if not ... well then it wasn't meant to be!