nine of thirty

(9) someone you love :: this one it hard for me because the people I love the most do not live near me.  So... meet Mary Ellen.  She's the bestest grandmother a girl could have!  We used to play tiddly winks at the kitchen table after feasting on the yummiest home cookin' after church on Sundays. We would run around the farm and feed the left overs to the barn kitties.  I would ride in the back of the wagon full of soy beans while she and my grandfather were pulling in the harvest.  She would measure me against the growth of the corn each year and I would help her hang laundry out on the line to dry.  She makes the most delicious parker house type rolls and would ship them to me after I moved to Chicago along with homemade grape elderberry jelly that she would pack in chex mix to keep it safe and provide an extra treat.  She's simply the bees knees!!  


She's a whopping 92 years old and currently living with my parents after suffering stroke almost one year ago.  Her spirit is strong.  She laughs a lot and is cared for by another spectacular person, my mom. xoxo