twenty four of thirty :: so long steve

(24) animal :: I could have taken a photo of the cats, but... in light of the sad news from Apple, I decided to go with a "mouse."

It's unbelievably sad to see a designer like Steve Jobs pass at such a young age. Only 56 and look at the product he's delivered to consumers worldwide. Imagine what more he could have done... For now, I will simply say thank you. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for your creative solutions. Thank you for your attention to detail. Thank you for thinking outside the box. Thank you for the iPod.  Thank you for the iPad.  Thank you for the iPhone. Thank you Steve Jobs for enriching my life.

P.S.  What was your first Apple product?  Mine was a PowerPC 5100 in 1992 and I think it cost somewhere around $6000 for the computer, monitor and printer.  Yikes! We sure have come a long way!!!