hawaii deux :: two

SPA DAY!!!  We headed to the new Disney (yes, Disney) resort called Aulani for spa & salon treatments at Laniwai.  I went for the lomilomi massage which gave me use of the Kula Wai (outdoor hydrotherapy garden) and the whole experience was superb!  

It's Disney, so I know everything is very customer service focused, but every single person we came in contact with was crazy nice and helpful!  Valet parking is free with a salon or spa service if you spend $50 or more and stay less than four hours - excellent!  Our greeting upon arriving in the Laniwai Spa was so enthusiastic I was taken back a little bit.  I was then escorted back to the spa treatment area and along the way was given a bit of a story. 


Choose a rock inscribed with a word that will serve as a focus for my treatment for the day.  I chose harmony (Lokahi in Hawaiian).  You carry the rock through this long hallway that has only the sound of rain.  It growss louder as you get closer to the spa center.  As you reach the center, you find this glass orb suspended by a single line with water trickling down, creating individual drips into the water below.  I was to place my rock into the water before proceeding into the locker rooms.  

I was given a full tour of the locker room and let me tell you they have covered ALL bases.  Big fluffy robes, comfy rubber slippers, private changing areas, roomy showers, towels galore and every single product to use post shower you could think of.  I was then taken to the hydrotherapy garden and a custom scrub was mixed to match a scent I chose.  Rain showers are located at the entrance to the garden that houses two hydrotherapy pools, five different rain showers and jacuzzi tubs.  It's the most peaceful setting with the sound of water falls and lush green plants with winding paths and illuminated glass orbs in the trees.  As a spa guest you have use of this area as long as you want.

 I was given mint tea, pineapple lemongrass water, muffins and they had a spread of fruit and gummy bears (no idea why gummy bears) in the relaxation room.  You also have the option to order room service to the spa!  

Chuck, my massage therapist, was very good.  And the massage rooms were quite roomy with tables that actually move (like a hospital bed) to put you in just the right position without the addition of pillows under knees and neck.  I know, it's Disney and they think of everything... right?  My only complaint about the massage is that it was just your basic massage... they website makes it sound like it was going to have some sort of Hawaiian spin, but it didn't.  

Overally I give it an A for sure.  A wonderful experience.  Pricy, but I expected that and with all the extras you get, worth it I think.