hawaii deux :: one

Took G to school, he introduced me to his friends and teacher and showed me where he sits in class. He introduced me as "our visitor" to his friends, which I thought was funny. We hit starbucks so I could grab another insulated Aloha cup for my tea. I love that they say "Aloha from Hawaii" on them.


Spent a couple of hours back at Paradise Cove beach - it's a most lovely beach. Quite. Very few people. Green sea turtles just hangin' out. This is Bethany's "go to beach" and can't you tell why? I slathered on spf 85 and didn't get any sun, so I guess I will go back to my normal 35 with multiple applications. :) We're trying to log a little bit of beach time each day so that I don't end up fried like a lobster.

We picked G up from school - early day because of conferences - he played on the playground with his friends, we chatted with the other moms and then headed back to the homestead for lunch and a nap. The weather was beautiful today - but it did rain tonight. Seems the rain just follows me to the island… time for me to go wash the sand off. Aloha!