hawaii :: four

Up early and took the doggy for a beach run to the local beach.  I gotta say the sunrise over the ocean produces the most beautiful silver, shimmer over the water and when it washes up on the sand and draws back leaves bubbles that just glisten.  Completely amazing.  I just don't think I could ever tire of this.  


And the local surfers are out riding the waves.  These are the guys that B sees every day when she comes to the beach with the dog.  They all know her and the dog and wave and give a little "aloha" as she passes by.  


Then it was off to Lanikai Beach for us - it's on the east coast, which means we basically had to cross the whole island by going through the mountain.  It's insane how different the two sides of the island look.  The west being much more dry and the east being lush and green.  B pointed out the "stairway to heaven" (a staircase basically straight up the mountain) and it makes my knees shake just looking at it.  Seriously insane!!! 


We found the beach and parking easy - it's in a residential area and only has a few access routes to the beach for public.  It's supposedly the beach where most Hawaiian photoshoots take place because it's so beautiful.  The sand is so tiny and soft - some describe it like powered sugar.  The colors of the ocean are intense, the water is clear and surf was gentle.  I can totally see the draw to this beach, but be prepared to be cleaning sand off of everything you own for some time to come. I had to take a close up photo of my toes to illustrate just how fine the sand is… crazy! 

No more than an hour into our beach time, the gray clouds rolled in… We stuck around and I walked along the beach just taking in the sights and snapping pics.  I just cannot seem to get a day full of sun… what the heck Hawaii??  Help a poor pale northern girl out would ya?