hawaii deux :: five

THE. PERFECT. BEACH. DAY. Yep. Finally the day I have been looking for in Hawaii. We met another one of our high school classmates, Wendy, at Hickam Air Force Base beach to catch up and catch some rays! It was super to see Wendy - don't think I've seen her in 20 years - she's just as crazy as I remember!

So, Hickam beach was great - two lifeguards on duty (most beaches have none), kayak and sup board rentals for super cheap, bathroom facilities and shaded picnic benches. It's a small beach, but pretty and not crowded - well not on a Thursday morning anyway. The only problem is that the end of a runway is right along the water and while normal jets are loud, F-22 fighters are insane! They were taking off in pairs and the sound literally vibrated inside my chest it was so loud. Pretty cool to see and like a free air show as they flew overhead, but not the best for sitting and chatting with friends. But Bethany finally got to SUP (stand up paddle) and popped up the first try. She didn't actually fall off the board till she tried to move her feet inline rather than wide. She paddled a little way out and back and practiced some footwork and totally rocked it. They tried to get me out there, but I don't think there is any way in hell I could pop up with my bad knees.


Picked up G and headed back over to Paradise cove where I almost tripped over a green sea turtle - he crept up on me when I was wading about, I turned around and he was right there. Scared me and I hear if they hit you it really hurts because they are heavy!! I sat it in the beach chair along the shore with the waves lapping up over my feet. The sun was getting low in the sky and the people at Paradise Cove were preparing for the luau. At one point I heard a Dave Matthews Band song (One Sweet World) in Hawaiian - or at least I think it was. Had the exact same tune.

Since I had been sitting but the water I was starting to pink up… so banished myself to a shady spot under a tree while B & G continued to play for a bit. Fortunately I saved myself, only a tiny bit burnt on my forehead and scalp and chest is a little pink, but should be good by tomorrow. G was so cute, he ran up to me and said "um, Miss Yvette are you OK up here? I just wanted to check on you." I said I was all good and he ran back to the water. He's such a beach bum.

We left just before sunset - I'm sure it was stunning, but the beach closes at sunset and we needed to clean up to get dinner. It was the perfect beach day! Ahhhhh.