30 days of gratitude : twenty nine & thirty


30 days of gratitude :: Day 29 & 30 :: light & self portrait ... OK, so I'm cheating a tiny little bit on the challenge here.  I don't feel bad since most everyone bailed on me, but I have to say that some of the subjects on this one kind of sucked.  Why do I want to photograph "nightmare" for a gratitude challenge?   You know?  So, anyhoo... I decided to combine the last two items into today's photo and wrap this challenge up!  I got my hair done today (was way overdue for a cut & color) and came straight home to take selfies for my first every holiday photo card.  I figure why not, right?  So I'm single.  Why can't I send a photo of myself to my friends and family?  I have stayed away from this in years past, but people seem to enjoy my self portraits so what the heck ... I did it.  And I had to expedite shipping since I realized today that Christmas is only two weeks away!  OMG!