10 on 10 :: 27 of 30 :: hello sloane

Oh what a day!  It's 10 on 10 challenge day { on the weekend, yeah! } and day 27 of my 30 days of gratitude challenge and the first time I get to see my bf/sister's new baby girl!!  So let's jump right into the fun!!  

day 27 of 30 :: daily routine :: I start every day with a cup of tea.  I love the little leaf stem on the forte triangular tea bags! 


Then I hit the new market at the Evanston Ecology center - was hoping for a couple of vendors to be there, but sadly they were not ... maybe next week. We saw some good stuff tho! 


Then it was time to hit the road ... it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining bright ... if only it wasn't so cold! 


I arrived in Chesterton just a couple of hours after momma and baby came home from the hospital.  Little Sloane was all snug as a bug... she is super cute and so stinkin' tiny she doesn't even fit into premie clothes!  Look at her tiny little bracelet! 


I spent a little time snuggling with her before we decided to start the photoshoot.  I gotta give huge props to baby photographers!!!  I do not have any idea how the pose these little munchkins.  They just don't cooperate.  I'm thinking maybe she was a little too young at only five days old, but I did get a couple of cuties! Holly purchased this crazy long santa hat off etsy and she wanted to try to recreate the shot from the website - impossible!!




After Sloane was done with her first photoshoot, Holly's friend Nikki came over to bring them dinner { so nice } and hung around for a little bit.  Her adorable little boy was so excited to hold the baby.  


Meanwhile, Bella was busy taking photos with her camera.  I caught her snapping a self portrait and asked her to show me.  She's such a ham... 



I hung around till it was about dinner time for the Pittman clan ... snapped a few photos of Jeff with his little girl before I left.   He is one proud papa!  Oh and I caught the BEST baby yawn!  Oh how I love a baby yawn!!! 



Oh and I had to snap a photo of Xavier's sign.  He made this adorable little sign to hang on the hospital room door - they said the nurses were gaga over it.  Apparently this was a first.


Couldn't officially leave till I got one more snap of Sloane and her big sister Bella B!  We were cracking up because it looks like Sloan is throwing the peace sign... 


Back on the road home... 


What a great day!  And then I arrived home to this adorable Christmas Card from my friend Kathryn.  Happy Everything!!! 


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