205 with friends


Had a superb Saturday filled with friends!  Amanda and I hit the Willmette French Market to pick up a gift I had custom made by one of the vendors of the flea market from last week.  Then we hit this little bakery, Lawrence Deans, I've driven past about a thousand times but have never made it in... and it was great!  I think I may have found our new 'local' cupcake spot!  Then it was off to watch my coworker, Marcey's, field hockey match at Northweatern.  She's pretty damn good!  And they won!  Next up was dinner with the girls downtown in the 'viagra triangle.'  And let me tell you, I could sit out there and people watch all night!  It's fabulous!  And topped off the night over cocktails with the Robinsons and Bernard!!  

I really should have done my 10 on 10 challenge today with all this fun, but I'm kind of a stickler for keeping it on the 10th.  

P.S.  super icky photo, out of focus and all, but sometimes selfies are like that ... you know!?

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