10 on 10 { feb 2013 }

I remembered!  I remembered!  Today I snapped a LOT of photos, but made sure to grab one per hour so I could be true to the 10 on 10 challenge!  Spent the day at the Museum of Science and Industry, my favorite Chicago museum, with the Pittman's!  I wanted to go to catch the Peanuts exhibit - and crazy -Holly, Jeff and Bella had never been before... what!?!  They totally loved it.  YaYa always knows the best places to go!

breakfast and facebook
selfie after getting ready for the day
allergy shot - four years of these and still counting - damn cats!
Peanuts exhibit was really great

I have always wanted an original Peanuts cel
Sloane LOVED that piano. 
We watched the movie Born to be Free in the Omnimax Theater - it was fabulous!
Went on the U505 tour - the claustrophobic in me did not enjoy this much
'twas a dreary day here in Chicago, but I really cannot complain ... rain in February is not normal
finalizing plans for birthday trip

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