let there be light

This is my home office - where all the photo editing magic happens.  (ha!) It's also my KU shrine, but the newest addition to my desk is the amazing gold lamp!  I have been looking for just the right lamp for some time now.  I don't like traditional "desk lamps" and since I have that shelf above it has to be a very specific size.  Well, it's proven to be a difficult thing to find. I was watching the Today Show one morning during my staycation and they had a style segment that included this lamp.  I have seen similar for hundreds of dollars, but when she said this one was $39 at Homegoods, I had to actually rewind to make sure I heard it right.  I hopped in the car later that day and popped into Homegoods.  There it was!  For $39!  I love it when I find just the right thing for just the right price.lamp