10 on 10 { March 2015 }

I have decided to do my ten photos on a weekend even when the tenth falls on a weekday because on a day like today, I wouldn't even be able to think about taking a photo I was so busy at the office.  Besides, the weekends are way more photogenic! So this is my Sunday : woke up to John Legend singing me "good morning" : brunch with my amazing friend Laura who just finished her last round of chemo (yay!) and I had to get a photo of her in the adorable pink monkey cap - on loan from a friends daughter (how sweet is that?) : took a little photo walk downtown and captured a couple of spots I have been searching for - this view of where all the L train lines come together (love) : then some shopping at West Elm, and Jayson Home (oh this place is a designers dream) where I picked up a beautiful little fern and a succulent - had no idea they aren't to be watered and are to just die after a few months (hmmm) : picked up some pastries at Patisserie Coralie for dinner and then logged a little sofa time with Phoebe and the housewives of ... (wink)

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