thankful : day 30

thankful Today I am thankful for many things! First, it's my last day of 'thankful' posts - while it does help me find the positives in my day, I find I lose interest about half-way through.  But, I did manage all 30 days, so I suppose I should be thankful for that as well. Second, I am thankful that they were able to find a captain to pilot our plane to Charleston!  I have the strangest things happen when I fly United, and today was no different - they came on at our flight time and announced that we did not have a captain for the flight and that they were 'running around trying to find one.' Seriously, this stuff happens to me all the time! And lastly, I am thankful for a night out in Charleston to celebrate my good friend Laura's birthday!!  We dined at Indaco  and followed up with drinks on the rooftop of Stars under the heat lamps - it's a little cool for these southern folks!kingst