211 flea market finds

I ventured to St. Charles for the Kane County Flea Market today with Amanda.  I am not a huge fan of flea markets since I'm not really into vintage stuff.  I like a little here and there, but I kind of feel like ... if I'm going vintage it should mean something to me.  That said ... I will go anywhere just for the experience.  And I had heard this flea market was particularly good.  

I was totally impressed with the amount of vendors - LOTS!  And I managed to pick up some fabulous little treasures.  A vintage light meter (how cool is that for eight bucks?), a collection of "Y" letterpress blocks, a super cool handmade bag (because I need another bag like I need a hole in the head -- but it's cool) and then the steal of the show... a vintage chevron quilt.  I spotted it and originally passed it by and then circled back.  I have been talking with my mother about making me something like this and voila!  As you can see the kitties have already adopted it.  Lucy is lounging on it as I type!  

I give the Kane Co. Flea two thumbs up! 


246 whiskers

Spent the majority of the day home, cleaning. I love a clean house, but HATE cleaning. Meanwhile,the kitties just lounge around and watch. What a life, huh?

Still loving the new VSCO photo app. Having such a hard time choosing between color and black & white. And sometimes double process with instagram - even more fun!!


... via iPhone ...

twenty of thirty

(20) bokeh !! I love bokeh! Finally got the Fall decor out - twinkle lights make for excellent bokeh! This is my other kitty, Lucy. She and I had a date with the vet today for her annual check up. She's all good, but gained a pound and a half in one year! Yikes!! Gonna have to put my girl on a diet!


And for a little bonus bokeh from earlier this week ... a little Chicago skyline.


Hope you are having an excellent Saturday! The sun is finally out in Chicago, but it's still a little on the cool side... So I've stayed in catching up on magazines, DVR, photo editing and all things that are refreshing and relaxing.  It was a very long and crazy week last week.