10 on 10 { nov 2012 }

Ahhhh finally the tenth lands on a weekend!  So happy to be able to photograph something other than work!  Sadly, the day was filled with repair men, errands and furniture moving to prepare for painters tomorrow.  I am so happy to finally be getting a fresh coat of paint, but I have waaaaay too much furniture to move around!  Maybe it's time to donate some stuff!!  A huge thanks to my awesome friends, the Robinson's, for lending me some muscle!  I could not have done it without you!  Hoping the painters can finish in a day so I can get everything put back together!  Happy Saturday peeps! 

tea ... always tea
phoebe hiding under the furniture
the awesome Robinson's
all of my belongings piled in the middle of my living room
I saved one tiny spot in front of the TV so I had somewhere to sit
spotted on my neighbor's door - cute
just some ivy - don't you jut love ivy?
Two trips to Lowe's and one to Home Depot to fix the flush handle on my toilet - ridiculous!
Do not buy a tank that has the handle on a 45 degree angle.  Just don't! 
hate that it is completely dark by 5 pm  * frown *
Lucy looking at me like ... what the heck are you doing to our home?  Huh? 

all photos processed with VSCO LR4 presets
ten on ten button

twenty of thirty

(20) bokeh !! I love bokeh! Finally got the Fall decor out - twinkle lights make for excellent bokeh! This is my other kitty, Lucy. She and I had a date with the vet today for her annual check up. She's all good, but gained a pound and a half in one year! Yikes!! Gonna have to put my girl on a diet!


And for a little bonus bokeh from earlier this week ... a little Chicago skyline.


Hope you are having an excellent Saturday! The sun is finally out in Chicago, but it's still a little on the cool side... So I've stayed in catching up on magazines, DVR, photo editing and all things that are refreshing and relaxing.  It was a very long and crazy week last week.