things on tuesday

In the early days of this blog I used to do a post every Tuesday called "Things on Tuesday" - it's a hold over from the old Vox days.  And somewhere along the road I forgot about it.  I ran across an old post over the weekend and thought I should start it up again.  So here goes!

  • Slightly under baked sugar cookies { yum }
  • Clinique moisture surge - has seriously changed my face for the better!!!  I cannot recommend this enough!
  • Dove visible care body wash - I saw the commercials about having better skin in a week and thought no way could that be true, but it was worth a shot.  Let me tell you, it is true!  
  • Chris Trapper and Colin Hay this Saturday { yeah! }
  • Pinterest - I'm totally addicted! 
  • Getting to work on a sign package where I can think outside the box and have fun with the signs rather than staying within all of the normal rules.  My brain has seriously been working overtime and I'm having so much fun!
  • And ... I'm just going to say it... the Royal Wedding.  They are such a cute couple and I love weddings... 
  • Road construction - I know it's necessary, but it still sucks
  • When I make a mistake, say something wrong or etc. that I cannot seem to let it go.  I keep replaying and reanalyzing - so annoying!
  • That I have to wake up at 4:45 AM tomorrow to purchase tickets for this summer's Ravinia concerts.  { oy! }
  • That I cannot seem to get my ass in gear and get into the shape I want to be in
  • Cleaning... yet I hate clutter and a dirty home ... hmmm
  • A full month of rain
  • That my life is either go, go, go or total boredom
Till next Tuesday!