she's got tickets !!

Just had to jot a quick note to document this day... it's been one heck of a Monday!!  

  • Dave Matthews Band Caravan SINGLE DAY tickets go on sale this Friday - I couldn't be happier since I couldn't get anyone to commit to the three days with me.  Now I can at least go one day and get to see fantastic bands at the new Lakefront Chicago venue.  Oh and the addition of this show will mean I am seeing a different musical act every week of July!  Yeah!!
  • AND.... the be big one!  My friend Selika and I scored tickets to see the very last Oprah Show at the United Center.  Yes, after fifteen years in Chicago I am finally getting to see an Oprah Show live in person... and it just happens to be the very last one.  I can hardly believe we got so lucky!  We have to pick up the tickets this weekend and the taping is next Tuesday night.  What shall I wear - they say colors work best on camera - eek!!