10 on 10 :: May 2011 :: Things on Tuesday


Today I decided to do a combo  "Things on Tuesday" and "10 on 10 challenge" - it gave me a little bit of a purpose for shooting my boring work day.  Click on the photo above to see everything larger - not a very exciting set, but wasn't a very exciting day.  So here goes!

This week's loves

  • Breakfast and the Today Show - I am grumpy without them

  • Music is something that I am passionate about.  It wakes me up, surrounds me in the shower and puts me to sleep at night!  Weather it be my own mixes or Pandora - I am listening right now!

  • New bags!  I seem to be on a forever search for just the right bag... most recent bags are the quilted *emera, an adorable chevron tote and leather Banana Republic convertible shoulder/cross body that I scooped up on ebay (thanks Kendra, hope you don't mind I copied).

  • The first day of open toe shoes!!!  It was a beautiful 80 + degrees in Chicago today - yeah!!

  • Scoring tickets to Oprah's Surprise Spectacular - WOOT!! I am so excited and freaked out about what to wear.  They say to wear color and my wardrobe is chalked full of black, white, beige and gray... ack!  What to do??

This week's loathes

  • That I don't eat better - I have a salad but still have to have a croissant or something that's not so good for me... ugh!

  • That I cannot seem to get rid of carbonated beverages and stick with water.  They just taste better.

  • My damn sweet tooth - I just have to have something sweet to keep me going through the afternoon.

  • Neck and shoulder pain that I cannot figure out what the trigger is and how to control it.  Two acupuncture treatments and I'm about 80% - am seeing a Naprapathic doctor next week.  Sheesh!

  • Work.  Work.  Work on a beautiful day.  Ah well.  Hope you got out and enjoyed your day!!