reunion :: take two


Reunion day was a bit of a blur ... up around 8am, grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to the high school for a tour of good 'ol LHS. They have done quite a bit of work on it to expand and have built a beautiful new sports complex off the back - puts poor Ables Field to shame. Lunched at Luigis and then home to primp for the big party! The venu is outstanding - old Montgomery Ward building they turned into a loft/lounge space - a real diamond in the rough in LV. I am so happy we had the party there - and I think everyone was really surprised! So long community center, so long! Anyhoo.... we had a good laugh while greeting everyone and giving out name tags - with our yearbook pictures (eek!) - and laughing about all the BIG HAIR we had... Holly hit the mic to welcome everyone and remember our fallen classmates and teachers, share some fun facts from the high school tour - cannot believe our class was the last one to have a winning football team!! That's twenty years ago people! That's just sad on so many levels!! And by some miracle, we got everyone downstairs for a class photo.

I gotta say time has been pretty good to this group! But seriously, the women looked hot! Why is it that women age so well while time is less kind to the men? There are a few exceptions, of course, but in general... not as kind. Oh and we have some damn successful classmates - designers, TV producers and recruiters, lawyers, doctors, engineers and lots of military! I am so proud of everyone and all that they have accomplished. All of that from a little town in Kansas, not bad!

We ate, drank, danced, reminisced and had fun at the photobooth. I could not be more proud of our little planning committee. We killed it girls! How will we ever be able to top this party?

Memories I will take away from the reunion ...
{ JB } THE BEST hugs, almost knocks the wind out of you. And he cannot keep a straight face while taking a picture because he's always got the biggest grin.  Hysterical!  { Erika } making the trip in from Amsterdam (though I think she was hesitant) and having the best time and so much energy { Betsy } she is seriously the engergzier bunny! She just keeps going and going and it's infectious! { Maria & Mandy } Maria has be biggest and brightest smile and I am so thankful that she brings Mandy (our friend from KU) along! { Marlin } driving in Friday night from Springfield just to attend the party and driving back because he was on call. That was above and beyond anything I would have ever expected. I would have given him a very hard time (Erika too) had he not come *wink* { Travis } was so cute talking about the hours and hours we would talk on the phone (about nothing) back in the day { Joe } & I take one damn good pic! { Paige } what to say... she's the triple threat - doctor, mother and marathon runner - she is amazing! { Shannon & Zoe } forming new friendships. { Jen Bell } and I making vacation plans to visit our San Diego and Hawaii friends! Yes, there will be a Hawaii take two trip ahead!! { Kendra } is funny as shit! That girl was killin us at IHOP - yes, we hit IHOP after the reunion like a bunch of high school kids and it was fabulous! And so much more! Even though I lost my voice and feel slightly hung over - two days later - I had the best time. I love my dear old friends and hope it will not be another ten years before I get the chance to see them again.