things on tuesday :: funny monkey

Seems so wrong that it's Tuesday already, but what a great holiday weekend we had here in Chicago!  So let's see ... 

  • getting to the beach (even if my 55 spf prevented me from getting any color)
  • getting shit done
  • sweet treats
  • this funny monkey
  • my new photo toy - leica d-lux 5
  • scoring a subscription to Dwell for $2 via (woot!)
  • Dave Matthews Band Caravan this weekend and the free sampler of music to pump us up!
  • headaches
  • glasses
  • death
  • google and their lack of planning when rolling out a product
  • that my new air conditioner doesn't seem all that cold... 
  • that my upstairs neighbor just doesn't get it.  Simply put, I should NOT hear you, your TV, chairs or etc.
  • folding laundry
OK then ... let's get on with this week!