things on tuesday :: money!

hemorrhaging money and not happy about it... let's start with the bad stuff, the list is going to be long ... 


  • that fixing one thing always leads to fixing something else
  • my AC blowing out when it's HOT outside
  • that I have no way to find out if the AC unit the sales guy is selling me is good
  • loosing power - again 
  • getting in a fender bender in the Target parking lot (that was not my fault) and having over $3K worth of damage to my car
  • the shop where I am supposed to have my car fixed still has no power
  • considering returning the camera I just got
  • opportunities not taken
  • that I can be quite judgmental
  • upcoming work travel
  • being known as a little bit bitchy
  • all of the above causing more neck/shoulder tension
  • that I haven't ridden my bike in two weeks
  • that I didn't get to see all the bands I wanted to see at the dmb caravan
  • netflix is raising their fees and now I have to consider dropping them 
  • that phoebe just sits and meows at the front door - why?  why?

  • booked my fall vacation - back to Hawaii - who can resist a free trip?
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • that I have actually been spending some of my summer outside !!
  • a wonderful love story of a photographer/blogger I've followed for some time
  • that it's cooled off just a bit tonight 
OK... negative nelly is in full force this week.  Hopefully next week will bring the love!