things on tuesday :: aches & pains

Hello Tuesday!  Seems my body is reminding me of my age ... bum ankle, bum knees, side pain, neck/shoulder/back pain .. oh joy!  Good thing I don't let all that nonsense keep me down!  ; )

  • my kitchen torch (makes awesome s'mores!)
  • white sofas 
  • a clean desk
  • weather in the 70's
  • that the internet makes the world a much smaller place
  • that Phoebe likes to sleep under blankets, so cute

  • that I twisted my ankle in San Francisco and it's still not 100%
  • health insurance 
  • that two years post-op I still have pain in my right side and no doctor can tell me why...
  • that as much as I like my job it causes me stress - anyone know of a stress free job?
  • that I've been a bad blogger ... so many things to write and so little time 
  • that I cannot settle on a gym or buying an elliptical for home ... what to do?