10 on 10 :: August 2011

Hooray it's the 10th and that means it's time for the 10 on 10 Challenge!  I almost forgot, but saw Yepallmine's post on Twitter this morning just as I was checking all of my social media and having breakfast!  Wheew!  Would have been totally bummed if I had missed it. Even though it was "just another day at the office."  


8 AM : started the day on Google+ even thought the only active participants seem to be photographers ... not sure why that is the case.  I still find myself mostly on Facebook and Twitter these days... Are you on Google+?  Do you use it?  If so, add me  !!


9 AM : I rode my bike to work for the first time EVER and seriously about killed myself.  I will admit I am much more of a "cruiser" when it comes to biking.  You know, a stroll along the lake to enjoy the weather and the sights.  I am not a "biker" and with all of my health problems, I am horribly out of shape.  By the time I got to the office, I felt like I was going to pass out ... lots of water and slowly walking around the office to catch my breath again.  Ridiculously sad shape, I tell you!!!


10 AM :  That's my Townie among the other bikes in the office - for some strange cosmic reason, everyone decided to ride their bike today.  And as funny as that was - my boss forgot about a meeting he had mid day and had to ride his bike there.  Good thing his is the carbon fiber job in the foreground and he is the next Lance Armstrong.  If that had been me, I would have called a cab!!!


11 AM :  Picking colors for a new project that I am working on.  Something only a designer can appreciate.  : )


12 : It was simply the perfect day outside today - mid 70's, no humidity, a few puffy clouds.  I attempted to have lunch on the deck, but was attacked by all sorts of bug life - first a wasp then some horse fly the size of Texas and the final straw, a cicada!!  Back inside... 


1 PM : CPK leftovers for lunch ... not great, but it was something. 


2 PM : Loving my new Puma's I picked up while in San Francisco.  These are seriously the most comfortable fashion sneaker I've ever had.  They are light as a feather, but actually have some padding on the bottom.  Oh and super breathable too!  { love }


3 PM : Got a sample vinyl message that will be put on a mirror at a client office - they have some sloppy people ... apparently we do to!  drip.  drip. 


4 PM : This fraction to decimal chart is my lifesaver!  I've had it for 16 years and use it almost daily.  You'd think I would have committed this to memory by now ... but sadly no.  


5 PM : (well more like 5:45ish) I hit the road home and took the long route via the lake.  Terrible view huh?  That's the city of Chicago there in the distance.  The winds were from the east over the lake so we were getting lots of splashes along the rocks.  Pretty to look at and listen to.  


6 PM : Lingered long enough to creep into the next hour so thought I'd take a selfie to say hello!  I shot all square format with my new Leica D-Lux 5 - it's a dream of a little camera!  Hope you had a super day!  I'm now off to see all of your 10 on 10 sets!!  

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