SO happy to finally be in Hawaii again!! Nine hours in coach with the middle seat guy jabbing me in the rib and the seat in front of me reclined the whole time is not so pleasant. But I made it and now it's time to relax and hit the beach!

Bethany and Garrett met me at baggage claim with a beautiful lei (that G-man picked out) and then scampered off to get me some food!! As luck would have it, rain rolled in over the mountains just in time for my arrival. Surprise … I'm in Hawaii and it's raining. HA!

We came back to the house, unloaded groceries and I met the dog (Oreo) who has fully adopted me as family. I am doing my best to stay up as late as possible so that I acclimate to the new time zone. It's 2 AM in Chicago as I type! Oh and Garrett is totally obsessed with airplanes right now - knows literally everything about them. What their names are (and meanings), exactly what they look like and the chronological order in which they were put into rotation. He drew all of these planes and wrote out the names. He's six.