hawaii deux :: leica lesson

I made the bold decision to bring only the Leica D-Lux5 with me on this trip - no DSLR!  It's wonderful to not be bogged down but the weight of all the SLR equipment, but I did find myself having one small problem with only the point & shoot… no viewfinder.  *humph*  

Problem #1, I wear polarized sunglasses and that makes viewing anything on the screen almost impossible, so I have to pull them down on my nose to even see what I am shooting.  Problem #2, when it's bright and sunny I can't see a damn thing on that screen, even without the glasses!  So I guess I will be purchasing the viewfinder that mounts to the hot shoe.  

That said .. the results I've gotten from this camera have been fabulous.  We took the dog to the local beach (One'ula Beach Park) where she romped around, we watched morning surfers and waded around shallow reef peeking into tide pools.  The sun was just coming up and the haze burning off… And, of course, I cannot go anywhere without taking photos on my iPhone (last two).  I still have the 4 (no "S" yet) and it amazes me how great they turn out.  I think they rival my Leica RAW images.