shootin' n drinkin'

Are you a Living Social member?  Well, I signed up a while ago and rarely buy any of the deals.  But when I saw one for a shooting range, I had to find someone to go with me!  I have always wanted to shoot a gun, don't know why, but I have.  I talk with my military friends and they always say they will take me to the range, but just hasn't happened yet.  So, thankfully, my friend Beth was all in for the "shootin' and drinkin'" deal!  

We met in the city to board a bus that drove us to Point Blank Shooting Range in Benton Harbor, MI (9am - that sucked) and the bus was completely full!  I knew the deal had sold out, but didn't know they would have such large groups.  Our guides were super fun and funny and made a point to get to know everyone.  The shooting range was a crazy place with a crazy mix of things to do - a full gym, boxing ring, shooting range, archery and shops.  They had a lot of staff helping us with the guns and the three guys that were helping Beth and I were fabulous!  


I started shooting the pistol ( a luger or something like that) we had 50 rounds to shoot - way more than I thought it would be.  I shot about half of those at the Living Social target - did pretty good - then switched to the AK-47 rifle and the "man" target.  So let's just say I'm a handgun girl... I totally sucked at the rifle - I found it very awkward to tilt my head to line up the shot.  We only had five rounds for AK - I landed three on the paper, but nowhere on the map.  So I switched back to the pistol on the man target.  I was doing good - all around the "x" and the guys were watching and telling me how to correct my shot.  THEN I HIT THE X!!  I was super charged up after that - then got all shaky lost my touch.  I think I counted that I landed 37 of the 50 pistol shots.  Not bad for a first timer. 


Once we were done there, it was off to Round Barn Winery for the "drinkin'" part of the adventure.  Round Barn has a winery, distillery and brewery all on the property.  We only had an hour there so we decided to stay in the winery.   We liked the Cab Sav, Cranberry and the Redel Doux, both on the sweet side - not my usual taste, I tend to lean more toward dry wines.  I think everyone on the bus ended up purchasing something to take back with them, so that had to be a big win for the winery!

The bus ride home was insane - party bus!  They cranked up the music and people were liquored up... it was like being at a bar toward the end of the night when everyone is drunk and talking super loud to be heard.  I could barely hear myself think.  I felt very old.  And actually think I was the oldest person in our group.  Despite that, we had a great day.  And I can check another thing off my bucket list.  Shoot a gun, check!