11 10 11 :: 10 on 10 challenge

Oh let me tell you it was not a good day for me to participate in the photo challenge... walking a job site with clients and then in meetings the rest of the day! It was grueling and my presentations were met with only mild enthusiasm. I want my client to be 'wowed' and when they are not... it's sort of deflating. But... such is life and I will just have to come up with something even better So, without further ado, here are the shots from my day.

So yeah... up freakish early and it was a whopping 37 degrees! I am just not ready for winter. Nope... not ready.


Had to make a quick pit stop by the office and thought it would be more than appropriate to take a photo of the sign in our entry - left over letters from a job - pardon the bad language. :)


The company whose facility I am working on right now is super safety conscious. So to add to the normal construction site garb (safety glasses, fluorescent vest, hard hat) I now get gloves. Every guy on the job has to wear gloves ... I cannot imagine how this must make normal tasks more difficult.


Tools of the trade ... certainly don't need that fan when it's cold outside!


Bucket of threaded rod ... or art. Ha!


The group gathers to chat over details of the elevator lobby ...


Now is when the day took a turn ... presentations and lots and lots and lots of notes about how we can change our concepts. Joy!


Had to make a pit stop at the Apple store - iPhone problem - and ran across this fellow. One of Santa's helpers perhaps?


Dropped all fo the drawings back at the office and headed home... finally a night that I do not have to work!!


Current status ... sitting on the sofa with the Phoebs catching up on the DVR. Ahhhhhh.


Hopefully I can deliver a more interesting set in December! Till then. Ciao!

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