30 days of gratitude : five


30 days of gratitude :: Day 5 :: Morning Sky ... Got up a little early to be able to pop over to the beach for a little sunrise splendor and failed to get out of the house early enough for actual sunrise, oh well.  Only an hour later and this was the beautiful scene ... I'll take it!  I so underutilize the fact that live within blocks of this beautiful shoreline... I say that every time I go, but even when the wind is blowing like crazy and it's bitter cold, it's so peaceful and serene.  

Today is the day that I am eligible for an iPhone upgrade and I am so on the fence about it.  The 4 has served me well and I hear the 5 is just around the corner.  AND I've been told I will loose those sunbursts when shooting directly into the sun, and I love those soooooo much!  What to do??