20130829-225406.jpg I love flying at sunset - the view is amazing with all that warm light.  I rarely sit in a window seat, but have been on a lot of small regional jets lately and they have been kind of empty.  When I get a row to myself I always scoot over to take in the view.  Still kind of amazes me that we can actually fly...

I shot this little video on Instagram - but always forget to do any kind of "treatment" to the videos I take in Instagram.... But with this kind of color, it's not really necessary.  Oh and I just love the view flying over Chicago - it's city planning at it's finest!  Just love!


5 by YF [ yffoto ]
5, a photo by YF [ yffoto ] on Flickr.

I have been taking my 365 photos but got behind posting them ... since I am only a few days away from the end I am just going to finish out the set over on Flickr.

I have to say, it's a lot harder to take a photo per day than I thought it would be - even with my iPhone. I ended up with 355 of 365 and I figure that's not at all bad. I give mad props to people who can get through the 365 selfies!

248 make a statement

instagram app processing
VSCO app processing - I am totally loving bw #2 with a little bit of grain

Can I tell you how happy I am that it's the weekend?  I am SO happy!  It was a mess of a week - running a project in Montreal from Chicago that has four different suppliers involved is just a hot mess.  I can now put that behind me and move on to a relaxing weekend!  Wheew!

On another note ... I donated a photo that I had printed on canvas to a school auction and, for the first time, had to write an artist statement.  Um... yeah.  This is not an easy task for me because I am not much of a self-promoter.  I find flaws in myself and my work way too easy.  Honestly, I would make a terrible 'artist.'  Continually talking about myself and my art would bore me to death.  I give huge props to people who have that unabashed confidence about their work.

I reached out to a couple of people to pen a little something for me and ended up with the image/statement above.  (you might have to click to view bigger) What do you think?


Had a positively lovely Saturday!  Woke up to the sun streaming in and just lounged around catching up on some DVR in bed.  I love it when I don't have early morning plans!!  Once I got myself up and going, I finished two photobooks - a groupon I had purchased that actually expired (oops!) and they gave me two more weeks (yeah!) to complete my books.

Then it was off to the resale shop to donate FOUR bags of clothes that have been piling up forever.  I keep thinking I'll take them to a consignment shop to get a few bucks out of them, but never seem to make it there.  So, today, I decided to part with them once and for all.  It actually felt good.  

Last up I headed downtown for the earlybird dinner at Quartino's with the Pittman crew.  Dinner was delish as was the company.  We had to eat before Bella's last chess game of the day, which she won!  Way to go B!!  I walked back to the car so that I could snap a few city pics.  Enjoy! 

Sloane was cracking me up making funny zerbert sounds - she's such a happy baby!