30 days of gratitude : thirteen


30 days of gratitude :: Day 13 :: written words ... Unlucky thirteen that is!  These words are for my grandmother's recipe for a parker house type of roll she's made my entire life - heck probably hers too!   She used to bake a pan full and overnight them to me - oh how I loved receiving that package!!  All of my friends and coworkers know about grandma's rolls and give me a hard time because no matter how I try I simply CANNOT make them!  I suck, suck, suck at making any type of yeast based anything and it frustrates me to no end!!  

I babied this batch, but nooooo.  Still no luck.  Jeff actually described them as 'flatbread' when talking with his mother.  WHY OH WHY can I not figure these damn things out?  The photo below is my pitiful attempt.  I am seriously about to toss in the towel.