239 king street

Started our sunday with brunch at 82 Queen.  They have the most lovely little garden seating area! Chicken and waffles were excellent, seasonal french toast... not so much.  I spent the rest of the day shopping in all the cute little boutiques along King Street.  And after a good number of hours spent walking I treated myself to a few french macarons from Macaron Boutique and gelato from Paolo's.  Neitheir of which wowed me, but were a great way to end the day.  

I had a little list of "must do's" when in Charleston that I ran across and actually managed to fit it all in (minus two) in just two days!  

  • Take a carriage ride - nope, didn't do this.  Honestly, I'd rather walk it myself.  
  • Stroll through The Battery park - Check!
  • Explore City Market - Check, and found some great little trinkets to bring home.
  • Tour at least one of the Ashley River plantations - did not do this either ... was only half interested in doing this anway.  
  • Be a beach bum. Check!  Folly Beach times two!
  • Admire the architecture - um... check.  Lots of photos to process!
  • Shopping in Upper King Street. Check!

I cannot thank my friend enough for putting me up and putting up with me (and my photo taking) for a couple of days.  Was a great weekend!





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