240 city walk : beach walk

Fantastic day in Charleston!!  We started our day walking around downtown - Laura gave me some great histoy of the area and some of the buildings while I snapped photos like crazy.  I just love the colorful buildings and all the hurricane shutters.  Perfectly picturesque, if you ask me.  

We made a quick pit stop at her sister's house to change on our way to the beach.  She walked me out back to the long wooden pier for a photo and to show me where her family hangs out.  It's quite beautiful - they are on a clam bed (or something like that, I cannot remember the term she used) so the amount of shells was crazy!  We saw two crabs mating - that was a first - and then as we were making our way back up the pier, we hear a gunshot.  I'm like holy crap.  I'm standing on this pier (that has no sides - hate that!) and now there's gunfire.  WTF?  We get back up to the houses to find her brother-in-law's father had shot a crow and his two dogs were out playing with it and barking at it. So picture it - little old guy sitting on his back portch in his rocking chair, gun resting up against the rail.  That happened.  Only in the south!  Laura was giving him a hard time saying he'd scared her Yankee friend to death.  

We finally made it to the beach and went to the farthest possible point on Folley Island.  It was the perfect beach day.  Perfect location.  Perfect for sitting along the edge of the water letting the waves lap up over our feet.  Big puffy clouds rolling by.  I mean come on... just perfect.

Back to the homestead to freshen up and head downtown.  First up, drinks at Amen Street (Laura used to work here) then over to High Cotton for dinner. Laura knew a ton of people here too, so we had nothing be the best service!  The meal was outstanding.  I would highly recommend reserving a table if you ever find yourself in Charleston.  We were so full, but had to stop in at the Peninsula Grill for the coconut cake!  The perfect end to the most lovely day!