La Jolla

San Diego has become a bit of a second home for me in the last few years.  With friends that live there and a lot of work that has taken me to the west coast my love of this city has really grown. This last trip I was in La Jolla and really loved this area.  The beach really is becoming my photo muse. [ Leica DLux 109 SOOC ]

Saturday sunrise

Today's prompt for Fat Mum Slim photo challenge is "sunrise." I am never up for sunrise - not a morning person - so I was not sure what to do for a photo. Well, Phoebe decided to wake me with the sun at 5:20AM. I laid there for a couple minutes and decided to hop out of bed, throw on a jacket and head over to the beach. Boy, I've been missing out!! It's warm light over the soft waves with cool breeze and birds soaring high above... Lovely, just lovely.20140524-102053-37253885.jpg20140524-102052-37252709.jpg20140524-102053-37253484.jpg20140524-102053-37253167.jpg 20140524-102054-37254191.jpg

beach bum

I have become a real beach bum this summer... dunno why, but I am glad I am finally taking advantage my proximity to the beach.  I especially love it when the wind is coming in over the lake, makes waves that look and sound like the ocean.  It's a really great "second" if you know what I mean... 

4th of july weekend recap

I started my holiday a litte early with a concert at Ravinia to hear Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls and they were fabulous - played all the old favorites!  We popped some bubbles to celebrate Amanda's birthday and did not let the rain get us down.  Barbara and Steve even got to put use to their umbrella chairs!

Logged some balcony time with my new balcony slipper chair.  I paid a visit to the Restoration Hardware outlet in Kenosha a week or so ago and picked up an awesome chair and cushion set for a song.  First let me say holy smokes do they charge a LOT of money for their stuff.  Do you know anyone that could justify outdoor cushions for over $800? No freakin way!  But ... for $20, YES!  YES!  YES!  And seriously, what do I care that the chair has one small piece that has been cut?  I don't!

Caught a night out with our friend Bernard and his lady, who were in from LA. It's always so good to get together with old friends and just pick up where you last left off.  I am so thankful for the fabulous people in my life!

And ended my weekend with a beautiful Sunday on the beaches at the Indiana Dunes with another one of my dear old friends in town visiting.  So good to see Miss Mary and the Pittmans! The beach was pretty crowded too!  It was a super weekend!  So hard to go back to work after four and a half days full of fun!