Have you seen the work of Heather Hansen

heather (35 of 59) Ochi Gallery - New Years Eve 2013 — Heather Hansen.

I ran across her work today and  - WOW -  I am simply blown away by her  charcoal creations.  They are controlled, but still so organic and graceful. I really enjoyed charcoal drawing back in college, but could never have imagined turning out this type of work. I hope she finds her way to Chicago so I can see her create one of these!!

the happy show

Back on my staycation I took in The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister and LOVED it! I am only sad that I caught it on it's last week, so most of the interactive things were gone.  That aside, I just love Stefan's take on the everyday and his handwritten display felt conversational, collaborative and personal - like he was standing right there talking to me.  I don't typically feel this way about art - and I've seen a lot of art - so it was refreshing and I am really happy  (ha) that I made it in before the installation left town. It's still traveling the country - maybe The Happy Show will soon be in your neck of the woods. happyshow


Ran across a rather interesting light installation at the Chicago Cultural Center. It's called SHIFT - A New Media exhibit by Luftwerk. "Luftwerk’s interest in the basic relationship between color and light and how light and darkness determine how our eyes perceive color served as the driving force behind the creation of “Shift.” I could stand and look at the stripes forever!lightart

saint louis art museum

A few weeks ago I was in St. Louis visiting my friend Jennifer where we spent the day taking a few of the touristy things I had not done on previous trips.  First up was the Saint Louis Art Museum. They have this beautiful new wing that was just added and house a pretty darn good collection of art! Funny thing when I was telling someone I had been there, they commented on how bad the signage was... Well you know that made my ears perk up.  Come to find out, not the wayfinding signage, but the information about the works of art.  They are very low contrast and are often on backgrounds that match the paint color of the wall.  Now, I know this is because they want to keep from distracting from the art, but it does pose a problem for legibility.  Jennifer and I had spotted magnifying glasses in each of the rooms and thought it was funny ... guess we know what we were supposed to use those for now huh..

129 lichtenstein

Seriously action packed Friday!  First stop was the Art Institute to see the Lichtenstein exhibit (finally), which I thought was pretty good.  I nice collection of his work.  I was not crazy for the "brushstrokes" but thought they were a good representation of the progression an artist goes through.  Becoming know for a "style" would be hard, I would imagine you would tire of doing the same thing over and over again.  I loved the room of sketches - process facinates me! I think my favorites were the landscapes.  


We managed to sneak into a couple of other galleries to see some other famous works.  As crazy as it is, Marcey hasn't seen much beyond the impressionists at the Museum.  She needs to spend a lot more time there - so much to see!


Then we hit the City Target - I needed vases for tomorrow night and I wanted to see how they designed the store to fit within the old Carson space.  I think they did an amazing job - looks clean and fresh and they kept the Sullivan decorated columns.  They actually look good with that Target red.  And another Marcey moment ... she had never seen the old Sullivan ironwork on the building.  She worked downtown, blocks from there, and had never seen this stunning building.  


Last stop was champagne and sweets with the girls at RM Champagne Salon.  It's a new place, literally located around the back side of a building that you have to access thru the alley.  It was lovely despite the fact that our waiter was extremely awkward.  


150 MCA KUAA day


Attended a KU Alumni Association event at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday. We had an artist (from Pilsen) take us around to certain works of art and give her interpretation of it's meaning, which I found to be a great change compared to a docent. She was really good with our small, but diverse group of people. The museum was completely full and the exhibits right now are superb. I thought the Skyscraper rooms were particularly good! A really powerful display around 9.11. Thanks to the KUAA for putting this even together - it was so great meeting Teri and Nikki, both in from Lawrence.