In an effort to visit all 50 of the United States, this year I am knocking off two new states.  First up - Montana! I have a friend from college that lives in Big Sky so I set up a little trip with some girlfriends to get some R&R at her family's log cabin just outside of Reed Point - how beautiful is this place? Upon arrival we were greeted by a deer lapping up some water in the pond on her property. Woke up the first morning to a deer outside the bedroom window just munching on some grasses.  Were visited by all kinds of birds, bees and bats! Late one evening while we were on the deck just chatting away I spotted an owl perch on top of one of the trees - just checking us out then after a bit flew away.  How crazy is that!? Emily says she's seen all sorts of animals there but never an owl! The sound of the wind through the pine trees might be my favorite part - so soothing and beautiful. While I was completely out of my element (city girl deep in the country) I really enjoyed everything!   

Montana makes state No. 32 .. got a little way to go yet. 

10 on 10 [4.2017]

April showers for sure.  We have had solid rain for what feels like forever and finally a tiny break this weekend - couldn't be happier to have a lazy day to be able to head to the lake to walk.  I chose to go SOOC on these - no editing - just because. 

10 on 10 [3.2017]

Hellooooo March! Was supposed to be in beautiful Vermont this weekend, but with the frigid temps we decided to postpone till the fall.  We knew we were taking a risk planning trip in winter, but were hoping for temps at least in the 30s! So back here in Chicago it's a lazy day spent learning my new Leica D-Lux Type 109, lunch and vintage shopping and a headshot with Amanda, a stop by the beach was so cold I needed some hot cocoa when I got home! March is proving to come in like a lion, let's hope it goes out like a lamb! 

1 of 12 : SP2017

A few years back (in the heyday of Flickr groups) I finished a couple of 52 week projects focused on self portraits.  I ultimately took on the 365 project after completing those, but no way could I keep those self portraits. How many times can you process a photo of your own face, you know? But looking back on those couple of years documented got me thinking I should pick up a self portrait project again to see how I age. I'm going to do a monthly portrait so as to not overdo the "selfies" and how much do we really change week to week?  So this is January... Am I the only one that makes funny faces when taking portraits? 


It's no secret that I'm a fan of Santiago Calatrava's architectural style.  If I could, I'd visit and photograph every single one of his structures around the world.  I finally made it to my second of his beauties during my last trip to New York.  The Oculus, "it’s a magnificent boondoggle" Calatrava referred to it.  I have to say it is something.  I do love the structure, but it does seem oddly placed sitting among giants.